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Computer Upgrades & Repairs Price Guide for Computer Services in Durham.
Please use the following Price List as a guide-line. We are unable to predict the exact nature of each problem, and may encounter combinations of problems which need addressing at the same time. In these circumstances we will notify you of the total cost of the work.
Combine services to save money

Although our prices are often lower, our goal is to beat the competition in value, and that translates to: a better price for more service!

Diagnostics Report


PC Tune-up
$69.00 p/h
Virus / Spyware / Malware Clean-Up (most situations)


Anti- Spyware / Anti- Virus Software Installation (Combo)**ω


Reload Operating System**ω
- Windows: XP, 2000, Vista
- Linux: XUbuntu, Fedora, CentOS, etc.
- Servers: Windows, SBS, RHEL, LAMP, Ubuntu
Peripheral Installation:*ω
- Printer, Scanner, Web Cam
- Docking Station, I-Pod


Component Installation:*ω
- CD/DVD-Drive, Hard-Drive (t)
- Video Card, Sound Card, Memory
- Network Card, SCSI, Fire-Wire


Major Component Replacement*ω
- Power Supply
- Motherboard
- Component Build – Full PC
Remote Support
(were available)

One-Shot PC-Fix**

Update / Install All Drivers


Registry Clean


Combo – Driver Update & Registry Clean


Hard Drive De-fragmentation***


Install Memory Upgrade*ω


Super Combo**
Update All Drivers, Clean Registry, Hard Drive Defrag*** AND
Memory upgrade*ω, Fan-dust removal, CPU Cooling


Network Installations

Cable Modem & Internet Install (1 Computer)
- Incl. Browser Update
- Incl. Email Installation


DSL Modem & Internet Install (1 Computer)
- Incl. Browser Update
- Incl. Email Installation


Wi-Fi Installation
- Incl. Secure Network Configuration
- Incl. Home Router Installation


Home Router Installation
- To allow multiple computers on the Internet


Cable Run
- Excl. Drywall repair & Painting where unavoidable
- Incl. Termination Ends, Wall Plates etc.
- Incl. Up to 50′ Cat-5 Cable


Patch Cables (up to 50′)
- To Run outside walls

from $6.75

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Gateway
- Excl. Hardware or licences


One-Shot Network

Wi-Fi – Internet Installation
Access the Internet Securely from 3 or more PCs Incl. Wireless Laptops (Wi-Fi)
- Includes a fast Wireless Router
- Incl. 3x 6′ Patch Cables (For Wired Computers)
- Incl. Cable or DSL Modem Installation*ω
- Incl. Secure Wi-Fi installation


IT Service management

IT Service Management is tailored to each individual customer’s needs and adjusted according to their specific business requirement. Please contact us to obtain a custom solution to match your business needs.

Additional Charges

Out-Call (on-site service) $45.00

Pickup & Delivery (50km Radius)* $FREE

Same-Day Pickup (Delivery after repair – Free*) $45.00

Trip Charge (Over 50km)
$0.35 p/km
Script Setup Charges(s)


* With Repair or Installation
** Only available on computers that are virus free
*** Off-Site Service – This service cannot be performed on-site
*ω Excl. Cost of Hardware
**ω Excl. Cost of Software licence

*ω* Excl. Out-Call Charge

(t) Data Transfer Service Recommended, but not included in price

(s) Script Setup Charges are PER SETUP/Job

Errors and Omissions Excepted