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Workshop, Seminar & Conference Videotaping

Important workshop or keynote speech? Why not videotape it for employees, customers and members who aren’t able to attend, or to give it a broader audience? We can incorporate the PowerPoint slides seamlessly into the finished video. Don’t let the important day be lost forever.

Here’s how it works. On the day of the event, we’ll videotape the presentation with professional equipment and either hand over the camera tapes to you immediately (to archive for future use), or we’ll take the footage and edit a polished, final video incorporating PowerPoint slides from the presentation. Finally, we’ll convert this finished video into a format that is suitable for playback on a website, ready for delivery to your webmaster. We can also put your video on DVD.

3 Ways You Can Benefit from videotaping your workshop, seminar or conference?
Because it offers significant value:

  1. You can vastly increase the accessibility to your conference by making the video available on your website, viewable by a wide audience long after it is done.
  2. You can multiply the value of your investment in a workshop by training many more people throughout your organization, no matter where they’re located in the world.
  3. You can keep generating revenue from your seminar or workshop if people pay to gain access to the video on your website.

In both the short-term and long-term, you’ll get substantial value from videotaping your event.

Workshop, Seminar & Conference Rates

Determining your cost is easy – rates are primarily based on the duration of your event. Follow the 3 steps below to add up the cost for your workshop, seminar or conference.

Step 1 – Videotaping:
Includes camera, operator, lights, microphone and tapestock.

  • event duration under 4 hours = $595
  • event duration between 4-8 hours = $895

Step 2 – Editing:
Includes title graphic, audio level adjustment and inclusion of PowerPoint slides to create a polished final video. Add this cost to Step 1.

  • no editing required = no charge
  • event duration under 2.5 hours = $660
  • event duration between 2.5-5 hours = $960
  • event duration between 5-8 hours = $1330

Step 3 – Delivery:
You can have your video put on DVD, converted to a web video format, or archived onto DVCAM digital tape. Select the option(s) you need and add the costs to Step 1 and Step 2.

  • Web video format or DVD with no menu (the video just plays) = included free with editing
  • If you don’t require editing and just need the raw footage as a web video or on DVD, the costs are:

event duration under 2.5 hours = $200
event duration between 2.5-5 hours = $260
event duration between 5-8 hours = $320

  • add a simple DVD menu with a ‘Play’ button = $300
  • additional DVD copies = $5 per disc
  • transfer footage to DVCAM digital tape (for archiving) $160 per DVCAM tape (note: each tape holds up to three hours)
  • courier of tapes/DVDs in GTA by 5PM next business day = $25

The above rates reflect videotaping a single speaker. If you have more than one speaker, speaking simultaneously (as in a ’round-table’ or ‘panel discussion’), contact us for a quote as the technical requirements are slightly different.

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